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Level 2 Home Buyer Survey

A survey report format designed to reflect the condition of a traditional property that is more modern, of standard construction and not too big or complicated. Includes many features not found in other, similarly priced surveys, such as:

  • Clear colour coded condition ratings for quick identification of the important issues.
  • Multiple photographs and diagrams, helping you understand your new home.
  • A jargon-free report that avoids many of the annoying caveats and exclusions often found in home buyer reports.
  • A full debrief from me, and I will answer any questions you may have.


Starting at £500 and can cost £950+.

Level 3 Building Survey

Ideally suited to larger, more complex, older, extended or higher value homes. All the benefits of the Home Buyer/Condition Survey, plus...

  • More comprehensive descriptions of construction and defects.
  • Explanations of how to go about rectifying defects.
  • Consequences of not carrying out repairs.
  • Understanding potential defects that could be present.


Starting at £700 and can cost £1500+.

Structural & Damp Survey

  • Still a detailed survey, which is important, but it does not inspect the electrical system and heating, and fixtures and fittings such as the kitchen, doors, windows etc. This survey is particularly suitable for properties that clearly need modernisation and renovation, where you don’t need me to inspect things like heating, electrics, windows, bathrooms and kitchens, for example, but want to be sure there are no structural or damp issues. Similarly, this may be suitable for some properties that are in immaculate condition and where you are in no doubt about the condition of the fittings and services.
  • A bespoke condition report on the external and internal structure of the property and on the accessible structure, i.e. the walls, floors, and roof structure, checking for major structural defects such as subsidence, cracking, and previous structural alterations such as an extension, the formation of a through room or installation of replacement windows to try and establish if they have lintels above them, etc.
  • We comment on the external condition of the property and single storey flat roofs and inspect each room. We go into the roof void, if accessible, to inspect for structural defects, leaks, woodworm, etc. and to establish if the correct wind-bracing has been installed in the roof structure in compliance with the Building Regulations where applicable.


Starting at £425 and can cost £750+.

Specific Structural Report

A bespoke report relating to apparent structural defects of concern, such as cracking, and advising you of any necessary remedial action.


Starting at £425 and can cost £600+.

Tree Proximity Report

A bespoke report specifically relating to the impact of trees and shrubs on a property and advising you of any necessary remedial action.


Starting at £300 and can cost £500+.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are buying a property, you need a condition survey. 

When you buy a property, you are making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.  Regardless of whether or not you are borrowing money to buy the property, it is essential to find out the true condition of the property before committing to its purchase.  It doesn’t matter if the property is 1 year old or 150 years old, there may well be serious defects that are not obvious during a property viewing. 

If you own a property and want to better understand its condition for the purpose of maintenance and repair, or perhaps prior to undertaking property improvements, then a condition survey can be extremely useful. 

If you are selling a property and unsure of its current condition, having a survey conducted before you put it on the market can be beneficial.  You could advertise at a higher price after resolving any issues the survey uncovered.  Alternatively, you can make buyers aware of defects from the outset to avoid issues later on which could result in an offer being withdrawn. 

No.  I only undertake condition surveys of residential propertiesI do not undertake valuationsPlease let me know if you would like me to recommend an RICS Registered Valuer. 

NoA mortgage valuation survey is not a condition survey, and it does not benefit the buyer in any wayIts sole purpose is to guide the mortgage lender on how much the property is worthThe surveyor will only give the property’s condition a cursory glance in case there are any very obvious major defects that the lender should know about. 

The cost of a survey depends on a number of factors including the age of the property, its size, whether any alterations have been carried out, whether there are any garages and/or outbuildings, and the purchase priceWhen quoting for a survey, I use the facts about the property to decide how long I will need to both inspect the property and to produce a valuable report, and how much risk I am exposing myself to.

Survey Type Cost
Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Starts at £500 and can cost £950+
Level 3 Building Survey Starts at £700 and can cost £1500+
Structural & Damp Survey Starts at £425 and can cost £750+
Specific Structural Report Starts at £425 and can cost £600+
Tree Proximity Report Starts at £300 and can cost £500+


I offer two main condition surveys, both of which are based on a full and thorough inspection of the propertyThe difference between the surveys is the type of report that I produce for you. The condition surveys offered are the Level 2 Home Buyer Survey and the Level 3 Building Survey.

YesAll qualified and registered surveyors are listed on the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) web siteMy listing can be viewed here.